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Air conditioning, heating and air treatment solutions

Lennox is a European leader in the air conditioning and heating market. Choosing Lennox is relying on experts that design, produce and sell efficient, reliable, comfortable and high-quality HVAC systems for all your projects.

The perfect climate solution for all your projects

At Lennox, we are truly committed to offering you the best thermal comfort experience. We design and manufacture high-quality HVAC equipment, offering you the best technology, smartest software and our unique service support during the entire life-span of your equipment.

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High-efficiency rooftops units


Air-cooled rooftops units


High-efficiency packaged air treatment units


Medium capacity air-cooled chillers

eComfort R32

Low capacity air-cooled chillers & heat pumps


Smart building management system

eComfort range extends

Higher capacity, greener refrigerants... Check our products and find the perfect solution to fulfill your needs.

Want to know more about the first R32 rooftop on the market?

The e-Baltic is the first rooftop on the market offering an alternative to R410A (GWP 2088). The R32 has a lower GWP (677) and is less impacted by the F-gas regulation restrictions.

Step into the future with e-savvy

Save time and energy thanks to our brand-new smart building management system

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Regulations & Directives we are proud to comply with

Regulations can be a real maze. Lennox EMEA demystifies them for you.


LENNOX EMEA helps you to stay ahead of EcoDesign directives and get the most out of it.

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Powerful greenhouse gases are banned from the EU market following a phase-down scheme. We guide you through your refrigerant transition.

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Discover life at Lennox EMEA and find the job that suits you!

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