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When a breakdown happens, it's no time for guesswork. The best way to minimise downtime is to diagnose the fault precisely and fix it as fast as possible.


Fast, accurate breakdown cover - with guaranteed repairs

When a fault happens, there is no time to lose. That's why our Lennox specialists are trained to quickly find, identify and repair faults using specially prepared units in our factory.

Alongside this hands-on experience, our experts benefit from exclusive production and R&D data, to help them understand exactly what's happening inside your system.

As a result, you get an accurate diagnosis, the first time, so your system is back working faster. And you know every repair is carried out in compliance with the manufacturer's guidelines because we wrote them. We're so confident all our repairs are guaranteed for one year.

Right first time

Don’t panic. Trust a Lennox repair technician to solve your issue.

Factory-trained in fault finding on real Lennox units

Work and parts meet Lennox manufacturer standards

Access to exclusive production and R&D data

All repairs guaranteed for one year

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