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e-savvy is LENNOX's innovative solution for monitoring and controlling HVAC installations. Thanks to its intuitive man-machine interface, e-savvy allows you to view the status of all your devices in real time. The interactive system also supports the management of many parameters such as the hourly instructions for each zone, and to follow the trend curves.

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Designed to make your life easier

Innovative solution

e-savvy is a simple, scalable, and user-friendly tool that allows zoning and the creation of several time profiles, in order to meet users' needs as closely as possible.

Available anytime, anywhere

e-savvy is a communicating system that sends real-time alerts to its users. It is really easy to install and can be used on several supports (PC, laptop, tablet) to supervise up to 15 units.

Energy savings

e-savvy is endowed with load shedding function (50% and 100% capacity) allowing energy savings by prioritizing chosen units over others when needed to avoid overconsumption. Additionally, it complies with the tertiary decree relating to energy savings.

Applications & Markets

e-savvy for your applications

Cultural and sport centres


Office Buildings

Food Retail Stores


Non-food Retail Stores

Food Processing Industries

Data Centers

Canteens & Kitchens

Shopping Malls

Convenience Stores


Storage & Logistics


Cafes & Restaurants

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