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High-efficiency rooftops units



Ideal for your large open industrial spaces, storage rooms and all retail, Evio guarantees optimal performance and energy saving for new buildings and replacement markets thanks to the modularity of the design. Evio will fulfill your need to meet environmental requirements, and provide years of sustainable high efficiency whatever your building.

Cooling capacity

29 - 250 kW

Heating capacity

29 - 247 kW

Airflow capacity

4000 - 49500 m3/h

Model Nomenclature

Ev A 125 B A C H D 055 E S F P G F H 1 I

A Ev = Evio

B 125 = Maximum airflow (x 1000 m3/h)

C A = Air cooled

D H= Heat pump unit

E 055 = Cooling capacity in kW

F S = 1 circuit - D = 2 circuits

G P = R32

H F = Scroll

I 1 = Revision number

EcoDesign compliant

EcoDesign compliant

FGAS compliant

FGAS compliant

The new era of Evio

Enhanced comfort and energy savings

Evio meets all EcoDesign requirements seasonal efficiency and ensures optimized energy consumption. Furthermore, its intelligent regulation allows the unit to adjust its power and airflow based on actual weather conditions, resulting in significant energy savings.

Modularity and flexibility

Evio offers great flexibility in terms of power and airflow, with ventilation options and a wide range of connection configurations ensuring perfect compatibility for any need and application.

High performance

Its design, along with its highly efficient components, ensures very high seasonal energy efficiencies (SEER & SCOP). Additionally, the combination of tandem compressors, and EC fan technology allows for total modulation, enabling significant energy savings through perfect regulation adjustment.


Evio uses R32, a PFAS free refrigerant with low Global Warming Potential (GWP), helping to reduce your carbon footprint. Furthermore, its eco-design significantly contributes to reduce energy consumption.


Evio's double-skin panels incorporate 50mm injected PU insulation. They guarantee compliance with regualtions related to buildings receiving the public, are waterproof, rot-resistant, do not release fibres into the air, and ensure a long lifespan.

Applications & Markets

Evio for your applications

Cafes & Restaurants

Food Retail Stores

Cultural and sport centres

Non-food Retail Stores

Shopping Malls

Storage & Logistics


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