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Low capacity air-cooled chillers & heat pumps

eComfort R32


The eComfort is dedicated to a large variety of commercial and industrial applications, from hotels and hospitals to shopping malls or office buildings. Compact and discreet, it will adapt to every building’s architecture while providing precise temperature in heating and cooling modes.

Cooling capacity

35 -210 kW

Heating capacity

35 -210 kW

Model Nomenclature

G A A B C C 170 D D E P F 1 G M H

A G = eComfort

B A = Air cooled unit

C C = Cooling only unit

D 170 = Approximate power in kW

E D = Dual circuit

F P = Refrigerant R32

G 1 = Revision number

H M = 400V/3/50Hz

FGAS compliant

FGAS compliant

EcoDesign compliant

EcoDesign compliant

Eurovent Certified performance

Eurovent Certified performance

Perfetto per ogni applicazione

Eco-friendly solution

The eComfort uses R32, an easily available and affordable refrigerant that has a low GWP (Global Warming Potential) and helps you reduce your carbon footprint.

Smart servicing

Being cool has never been so easy! The eComfort metrics are accessible 24/7 through LennoxCloud and LennoxHydrocontrol. These remote accesses to the machine enable permanent monitoring, local supervision and help predict maintenance operations, offering improved responsiveness.

Acoustic comfort

Three different noise level configurations are available. On top, a high-performance motor improves efficiency while reducing noise levels.

Heat recovery

Additional options enable rejected heat recovery to provide free hot water for sanitary or industrial purposes.

High performance

Its design, as well as its highly efficient components, ensure excellent seasonal energy efficiencies (SEER & SCOP). On top, the eDrive technology allows variable speed drive pumps, generating up to 75% reduction of the pump consumption.

Applications & Markets

eComfort R32 for your applications


Office Buildings

Non-food Retail Stores

Data Centers

Shopping Malls



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