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Polyvalent air-cooled heat pump



The Aqua4 is a quiet, polyvalent, and highly efficient air-cooled heat pump, capable of simultaneous and independent cooling and heating with 100% of heat recovery under any condition. This is the ideal solution for office buildings, hotels and hospitals.

Cooling capacity

50 - 350 kW

Heating capacity

50 - 300 kW

Model Nomenclature

A A A B H C 08 D 2 E M F S G

A A = Aqua4

B A = Raffreddamento ad aria

C H = Pompadi calore

D 08 = Potenza frigorifera nominale x10 [kW] (ex.: 08 = 80kW)

E 1 = 2 compressori / 2 circuiti - 4 = 4 compressori / 2 circuiti

F M = 2 tubi- P = 4 tubi

G S = Rumorosità standard - L = Bassa rumorosità

FGAS compliant

FGAS compliant

EcoDesign compliant

EcoDesign compliant

Comfort at its best


The Aqua4 is a versatile air-cooled heat pump, capable of simultaneous and independent cooling and heating for air conditioning in the most efficient way.

Acoustic comfort

The Aqua4 is up to 12 dB(A) quieter than other traditional heat pumps, preventing users from sound disturbance.

Defrost without impacting comfort

The Aqua4 has completely independent defrost circuits, dynamic control on defrost, and an integrated water tank of up to 765 liters.

No waste of energy

The Aqua4 recovers 100% of the heat under any condition to produce free hot water from 25°C to 55°C.

High efficiency

Applications & Markets

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Office Buildings


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