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Close control unit for high density systems



The r@ckcoolair units are the best solution to cool rack servers with small and medium-sized computer rooms. It is ideal to extend existing installation without the need of a raised floor.

Cooling capacity

5 - 75 kW

Airflow capacity

700 - 11000 m3/h

Nomenclature & Specifications are not available.

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Perfect air conditioning solution for data centers

Immediate reaction

The unit is positioned next to the heat source to guarantee an efficient and imediate in the servers.

High efficiency

Ventilation's components ensure maximum flow stability to cover the pressure drops while significantly reducing energy consumption.

2 air configurations available

The r@ckcoolair is available in 2 different air configurations to adapt to modern data centers with retrofit systems and extended existing rooms.

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Product Resources and Files

R@CKCOOLAIR Product Brochure

Lennox EMEA Corporate Brochure

R@ckcoolair Installation, operating and maintenance

R@ckcoolair RHC Installation, operation, maintenance manual

R@ckcoolair RND Installation, operation, maintenance manual

R@ckcoolair RNV Installation, operation, maintenance manual

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