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Smat unit for 19" rack installation

Mini R@ckcoolair


The Mini R@ckcoolair is designed for small computer rooms and SER locations. It guarantees excellent efficiency in high-density applications. Like all Lennox products, the MRAC complies with current technology standards.

Cooling capacity

3 - 7.3 kW

Airflow capacity

915 - 1330 m3/h

Nomenclature & Specifications are not available.

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A small solution for high efficiency

Excellent air separation

Its installation inside the server rack ensures excellent separation of hot and cold air for better performance in high-density applications.

Adaptable to any server rack

Mini R@ckcoolair has a design in line with rack IT, in order to be installed in any standard server rack.

High quality components

They consist of premium quality parts that will deliver efficiency and reliability for years.

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